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F.A.Q Talens | Pantone Products

If you have a question about Talens | Pantone products, check out the frequently asked questions below. If your question is not included, feel free to contact us! We would love to help you out.

How many marker colors are available?

Talens | Pantone markers are available in 108 colors!

How should I store Talens | Pantone markers?

Store your markers horizontally to guarantee optimal ink flow to both nibs. This also helps maintain an even pigment distribution.
You can store your marker sets in the boxes they come in. These sturdy boxes feature a sleek, horizontal design, ensuring your markers are always ready to use! Thanks to the color names and numbers on the caps, you can easily pick the right color for your work.

Are Talens | Pantone markers refillable?

Yes, they are! When your marker runs out of ink, refill it using Talens | Pantone marker ink in the same color! The dropper in the cap of the bottle helps you to easily refill your markers. Find out how to properly refill your markers here!

How do I get an optimal simulation of the Pantone colors?

For the best color results, your Talens | Pantone markers should be used on Talens | Pantone marker paper. This special marker paper was specially developed to offer an optimal simulation of the Pantone Matching System™ and forms the best base for your markers.

Are Talens | Pantone markers suitable for layering?

Yes! Because the markers are quick drying and waterproof, they are perfect for layering. Layering works especially well on the Talens | Pantone marker paper. The combination of this paper and the formula of the markers allows you to layer repeatedly without damaging the paper.

How many marker ink colors are available?

Talens | Pantone marker inks are available in 108 colors, just like the markers!

Can Talens | Pantone marker ink be used on its own?

Definitely! These marker inks can not only be used to refill your Talens | Pantone markers, but they are great on their own as well. Thanks to the stable bottle with wide opening, you’re free to work straight from the bottle. Try it with a paint brush, dip pen, calligraphy pen or even an airbrush. The cap of the bottle is fitted with a dropper for easy mixing and dosing or applying the ink directly to your work.

Is the ink lightfast?

Yes, the ink is lightfast thanks to the pigment-based formula.

Is the ink waterproof?

Yes, the ink is waterproof as soon as it’s dry.

Does the ink dry quickly?

Yes! Thanks to the water-based formula, the ink dries super quickly.

How heavy is the Talens | Pantone paper?

Talens | Pantone paper is smooth, white drawing paper of 180 g/m² (or 82 lbs).

Is Talens | Pantone paper acid-free?

Yes! This smooth, yet sturdy acid-free paper helps you preserve your work for long periods of time.

Do I have to use the Talens | Pantone paper with the markers?

We recommend using the markers with our unique marker paper for an optimal simulation of the Pantone colors. The markers can of course be used on other types of paper, but we cannot guarantee the color match on any paper other than our Talens | Pantone paper.

Do the Talens | Pantone markers damage the paper with repeated layering?

No! Because the markers are quick drying and waterproof, they are perfect for layering. The paper was developed to work with the Talens | Pantone markers. The combination of this paper and the formula of the markers allows you to layer repeatedly without damaging the paper.

Is the Talens | Pantone marker comparable to the Ecoline Brush Pen?

If you compare the Talens | Pantone marker to the Ecoline brush pen, the nibs are just as juicy and flexible.

However, the ink works quite differently. For example, the ink of the Talens | Pantone marker is pigmented and therefore lightfast, fast-drying and is waterproof. Once dry, it cannot be reactivated like the Ecoline Brush Pen.

The Talens | Pantone marker was developed in collaboration with Pantone and conforms to the Graphic PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM(TM). This means that 1 stroke with the chisel nib on Talens | Pantone paper corresponds to the official Pantone colour.

Can you achieve the same effect with a brush and the ink as with the markers?

Tricky question - you can achieve the same color as with the marker, but we do not guarantee the optimal color match when doing so. This is because the ink is more difficult to dispense with a brush. Working with a marker is also different from working with a brush: you get a different effect and generally work on different paper (watercolor paper).

What is tear-free layering?

Usually, when you overlay multiple layers with a marker, the paper starts pilling or tearing. That is not the case with these markers, so we call them tear-free. Layering like this works up to about 7 layers with the chisel nib. Beware that the more ink you use, the faster any pills may appear.

After filling the marker with ink, does the marker have to lie horizontally for 2 weeks to achieve the optimal effect too?

Not necessarily, it is best to place the marker with the brush side down for 10 minutes after filling to make sure the ink is well distributed. After that, it is helpful to check whether both nibs give off the same color, then you will know if the ink is well distributed.

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