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A colorful collaboration with Pantone

Royal Talens is proud to announce a colorful collaboration with Pantone. While Pantone is famous for their universal language of color, Talens is famous for their high-quality marker inks. To combine these great strengths, we’ve decided to create a unique collection of products that allow artists and designers to work in Pantone colors.

Talens | Pantone

  • A Colorful Fusion

    Royal Talens is thrilled to unveil an exciting collaboration with Pantone. While Pantone is renowned for its universal language of color, Talens has made a mark with its top-notch marker inks. Combining these formidable strengths, we've crafted a distinctive collection for artists and designers to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Pantone colors.

    The Talens | Pantone collection

    The Talens | Pantone collection features 108 markers and marker inks in vivid Pantone colors, accompanied by four art pads featuring our unique marker paper in various sizes. Every color in this collection undergoes meticulous formulation, adjustment, and testing by Talens, earning the seal of approval from Pantone. Notably, these products are not just approved but also co-designed by Pantone.

    Markers Redefined

    Markers have been a staple in the creative community for quite some time, serving as a versatile tool for almost every type of artist. Affordable, easy to use, and compatible with various media. Markers don't create a mess and can be combined with other markers seamlessly. The Talens | Pantone marker is tailored for the design community and artists who employ markers, whether in a professional capacity or for personal use. This market primarily utilizes markers for design sketching and illustration purposes.

  • Vibrant Precision

    Explore, create, and design with the unparalleled Talens | Pantone collection. We proudly stand as the sole brand worldwide with the authentic claim: the color you sketch is the color you get. Our specialized Talens | Pantone paper is expertly designed to perfectly emulate the Pantone Matching System™, serving as the ultimate canvas for your markers.

    Sustainable Refills

    Crafted with precision, the Talens | Pantone paper stands as a specialized canvas meticulously designed to provide the perfect emulation of the Pantone Matching System™. Uncover a sustainable dimension as you explore the refillable nature of our markers. The ultra-fluid Talens | Pantone marker ink, available in a vibrant spectrum of 108 colors, ensures effortless refilling for your favorite shades. The eco-conscious journey extends seamlessly from markers to ink, offering you a palette of possibilities to bring your artistic visions to life.

    Ordering Made Easy

    Shipping costs: €5.95 for orders below €50, but enjoy free shipping on all Talens | Pantone orders exceeding €50. We offer free returns within 30 days. Place your order before 14:59, and we will ensure it ships the same day.

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    Shipping countries

    We currently ship to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands. Shipping costs: € 5,95 and free > €50-.

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    Return order

    Returns are possible in the original packaging, within 30 days and are free of charge.

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