• Royal Talens history

    Royal Talens history

    The company was founded in 1899.

Royal Talens goes back to 1899

The history of Royal Talens goes back to 1899. In that year Marten Talens founded the "Dutch Factory for Paints, Lacquers and Inks" in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn. As a family business it concerned itself initially with the production of office supplies and inks. In the early 20th century the production of Rembrandt oil paint was added to the product range. When Marten Talens’ son, Hildebrand Talens, became a partner in 1904, the name was changed to Talens & Zoon.

In 1905, Talens was already exporting to the United States and Russia, and in 1912, a sales office was established in the USA. The factory expanded and started production using steam power in 1920. A local ink factory was also taken over and their own tin factory was put into use. A new head office was built in 1927, located in Apeldoorn.

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From 1932 onwards, the typewriter began to conquer the office, and the duplicating machine also came into use. Talens went on to supply carbon paper, typewriter ribbons, stencils and stencil ink. The Gluton brand, the glue in the famous jar with a brush, also became a household name. During the Second World War, the production of many products came to a standstill because the necessary raw materials were not available. A stray bomb also caused extensive damage to the factory. From 1945, with united forces, production was restarted and growth continued steadily. In addition to expanding the factory buildings, a new laboratory was also opened. In 1949, Talens was awarded the Royal predicate by Queen Wilhelmina. The company was now called Koninklijke Fabrieken Talens & Son. In 1963 Talens was taken over by the Sikkens group, which eventually became AKZO. Talens continued to exist within this group. In 1989 a modern new factory was opened.

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In 1991, Talens was sold by AKZO and has since been part of the Sakura Color Products Corporation, an Osaka-based private company with 1.500 employees that had a product range that better matched that of Talens. Finally, in 1999 a new distribution center was built in Apeldoorn. Since then, many new brands and products have been added to the range. In addition to the distribution center in Apeldoorn, there are also distribution centers in Switzerland, Spain and the United States.

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