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  • How to get optimal match with Talens | Pantone markers

    How to get optimal color results with Pantone colors

Talens | Pantone Paper, markers and ink

The Talens | Pantone markers and marker inks contain pigmented, water-based colors coordinated to the Pantone Formula Guide of the Graphics System (uncoated). While the markers can be used on other types of paper,for the best color results they should be used on Talens | Pantone marker paper.The combination of this paper and the formula of the markers allows you to layer repeatedly without damaging the paper. This smooth, yet sturdy acid-free paper helps you preserve your work for long periods of time.

  • The Talens | Pantone paper was specially developed to offer an optimal simulation of the Pantone Matching System™ and forms the best base for your markers.
  • Talens is famous for their high-quality marker inks.
  • Filled wih possibilities
  • Marker inks contain pigmented, water-based colors

The markers and marker inks contain pigmented, water-based colors based on the Pantone Matching System™. So now you can sketch, draw and design in Pantone colors! We’re the only brand in the world that can truly claim: the color you sketch is the color you get.

Talens | Pantone paper

The best base for your markers

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