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  • Why pick the Talens | Pantone markers? Royal Talens history

    Why pick the Talens | Pantone markers?

    This page tells you about their unique features and explains what sets them apart from other markers to help you make your choice.

What sets Talens | Pantone

markers apart?

Markers are usually either alcohol-based or water-based as seen in the image on the left. Alcohol-based markers are used for their quick drying time and blending abilities. Water-based markers are popular for their lack of toxic odor and their water-soluble, slow-drying ink.

Besides their solvent, markers can also vary in their colorant. Most markers use dyestuff to create their colors. Talens | Pantone ink is pigment-based. This means the ink is lightfast.

Talens | Pantone markers are the best of both worlds with their water and pigment-based ink. They dry quickly, are odor free and waterproof once dry.

* Approved color simulation to the Pantone Matching System™

  • High-quality marker inks
  • The color you sketch is the color you get
  • Waterproof and lightfast

Facts about Talens | Pantone

  • Pantone colors

    Pantone colors

    Sketch, draw and design in Pantone colors! With this collection, artists and designers can work directly in Pantone colors, with just one stroke of the chisel nib on the Talens | Pantone paper.

  • Pigment-based


    The markers and marker ink contain pigmented ink. This makes the ink lightfast, so illustrators can display their work without it fading in sunlight.

  • Refillable


    Talens | Pantone markers are refillable using the marker ink available in the same 108 colors. This, in combination with the high-quality nibs, means that the markers have a very long lifespan.

  • Water-based


    The ink is not only pigmented but also water-based. It is odorfree (unlike alcohol-based markers) and waterproof once dry.

  • Brush & chisel nib

    Brush & chisel nib

    With a brush and a chisel nib, the markers offer the ultimate flexibility. The brush nib is perfect for details and the chisel nib for broad strokes and color blocks.

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The Talens | Pantone collection

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